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  • When Business Meets Baby Rachel Allan
    When Business Meets Baby
    When Rachel Allan first approached me to let me know about her new book, I thought to myself “I don’t have time to read a book, I’m too busy.” I’m running a small business here, facilitating workshops, consulting, training and most importantly, trying to be a good Mum to a very energetic little man. But my inability to say “No” to an opportunity...
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  • happiness advent calendar homeless ballarat
    Happiness Advent Calendars – Helping The Homeless in Ballarat
    From a very young age 11 year old Jake was always worrying and wondering how he could help people who didn’t have a beautiful home to go to or a comfortable bed to sleep in every night like he did. Jake, and his mum Emma, looked into volunteering at The Soup Bus but he was too young to...
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  • santa photos ballarat 2016
    Santa Photos Ballarat 2016
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Bells are ringing, carols are playing and everyone is getting into the festive spirit. But the most important question on everyone’s mind, is where can I get my Santa Photos in Ballarat this Christmas??? We have collated all of Ballarat’s Santa visiting times and photo opportunities in one handy dandy guide for parents...
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  • World Prematurity Day 2016
    World Prematurity Day 2016
    November is World Prematurity Awareness Month, which, until last year, I knew nothing about. Last November I was meant to be starting my third trimester, moving from that feeling of sick and lethargic, into that rosy, nesting stage. It was meant to be the last few weeks of preparing for a new baby and finishing up at work, enjoying the Christmas...
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  • paid maternity leave
    Making Paid Maternity Leave “Fairer” – for who?
    It’s a very controversial topic…I don’t know why…but it seems the only people who are opposed to the so called “double dipping” are single men without children, men who earn so much they can afford to pay for their wives to stay home full time and raise their children without any government assistance, and old people who...
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