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  • Toby the Teddy. Is this an emergency. Ambulance. The Adventures of Toby the Teddy.
    Toby the Teddy Comes to Ballarat
    Would your child know what to do in an emergency situation? Would they know how to call triple zero if you slipped and bumped your head in the shower? And would they know what an “emergency” actually is? Could they tell the difference between a boo boo that needed a band aid, and a real emergency that required immediate...
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  • Top Tips for Small Business Finance Ballarat Munro Accounting Solutions
    Top Tips for Small Business Finance – Munro Accounting Solutions – Ballarat Accountant
    Top Tips for Small Business from Munro Accounting Solutions For many of us, finance and accounting don’t always conjure up the most exciting ideas in our minds, but for Eliza Munro, the director of Munro Accounting Solutions, finance is just that. Exciting! Before founding her own company, Eliza worked in many large...
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  • dads in business
    Dads in Business – The Other Side of the Coin
    The Internet is absolutely flooded with material about mums in business, mumprenuers, business and baby, mums club, thousands upon thousands of resources for women with children, running their own businesses. But we don’t often hear about Dad. Dads in business. Fathers who are just as invested in their families as Mum is, but who also run...
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  • Ballarat Books Local Authors
    Ballarat Books
    Your Guide to Ballarat Books & Authors When we think of hidden gems in Ballarat, we usually think of buildings, cafes or cool places to visit. But what we often overlook, is the amazing talent of writers and authors in our beautiful town! I’m sure I have just skimmed the top here with my guide to Ballarat Books by Ballarat Authors, so please contact...
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  • New Mum in the Toy Aisle, Vtech Toys to the rescue
    New Mum in the Toy Aisle, Vtech Toys to the rescue
    For any new parent, walking into the toy aisle of a department store is pretty daunting. Everything is bright, colourful, noisy, interactive and so overwhelming. I found myself recently standing in the aisle staring at the array of buttons and colours for so long, that I was startled by another mum trying to drag...
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