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  • Ballarat Books Local Authors
    Ballarat Books
    Your Guide to Ballarat Books & Authors When we think of hidden gems in Ballarat, we usually think of buildings, cafes or cool places to visit. But what we often overlook, is the amazing talent of writers and authors in our beautiful town! I’m sure I have just skimmed the top here with my guide to Ballarat Books by Ballarat Authors, so please contact...
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  • New Mum in the Toy Aisle, Vtech Toys to the rescue
    New Mum in the Toy Aisle, Vtech Toys to the rescue
    For any new parent, walking into the toy aisle of a department store is pretty daunting. Everything is bright, colourful, noisy, interactive and so overwhelming. I found myself recently standing in the aisle staring at the array of buttons and colours for so long, that I was startled by another mum trying to drag...
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  • The Reading Hour 2016
    The Reading Hour 2016
    Did you know that nearly 49% of people over 15 in Ballarat are unable to read beyond the level of around grade 4? That means that in a world full of forms, and so called “fine print” 49% of our community are not able to clearly understand the meaning of what they may be signing. United Way That snippet of information...
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  • My Local Shopping Strip
    My Local Shopping Strip
    I think it’s safe to say that the weather has been rather crazy of late, so I’ve been trying to get out for the odd walk when I can in those rare moments when the sun shines a little. And this week as  I was enjoying a stroll up to my local shop, it got me thinking about the mini shopping...
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  • Just in case you missed it
    Just in case you missed it
    Competitions, workshops, opportunities for new businesses & local authors, so much has been happening at Blossom Connect lately, and we don’t want you to miss a thing! Family Pass Giveaway There are just a couple of days left to enter the Elmo’s Super Fun Hero Show Giveaway! Click Here to get your entries in, and your family could be...
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